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    All my loot goes into Inventory Overflow

    I’m not sure why, but after I kill a mob, all its inventory automatically goes into my inventory overflow bag. This happens even if I have plenty of room in my inventory—currently I have almost two bags completely empty, and the loot from mobs automatically goes into the overflow container.

    I haven’t made any changes to my loot options since this started. Not sure why this is happening, but I’d like to get it resolved.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Wow. If you find out how to make this happen, I want to know.

    Currently, I have been unstacking stacked items to fill all my inventory bag slots in order to force loot to go into the pending loot bag. Otherwise, my bags fill up with junk, and I have no room for things I want to keep, or quest rewards. At least once an hour, I have to find a vendor, empty a few inventory slots, and move the pending items through the inventory slots to sell them, or keep them in my inventory if they are valuable loot.

    BTW, do quest rewards, chest loot or a resource node items go into pending loot for you?

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    Toggle "always loot all"
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    What Nakiami said In case you're not aware of that option: in your Options panel, click "UI Settings" and scroll down about three-quarters of the way, and under the "Misc" heading you'll see an option for "Always Loot All". If that's checked, your loot will go into your bags until they're full and then into your pending loot; if it's unchecked, everything will go straight into your pending loot.



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