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Thread: Shapcidrat r12

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    Aug 2011
    Sorry this is very late, but wanted to convey my congratulations

    Shap, you've been here since I've started PvPing and you were a scary sight to see even back then. I remember when you transferred to E for a while and all the freeps were so happy to have that reign of terror gone. Then one day you came back and all hell broke loose

    Gratz to one of the oldest members of Dwarrow PvP, rank 12 is no small feat. Whether you're on your WL or BA still can hit the freeps like a f**kin truck. You definitely deserve every damn bit of your rank Shap, keep it up bro.

    On to rank 13???
    [Jonp - Rank 11 Hunter] [Garaluk - Rank 9 Reaver]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skii View Post
    We're open to Euro players now?

    Is THAT why the server has had so many ppl on lately with all the new ppl? lolol
    Yes, all servers are worldwide now. I originally signed up on Dwarrow by mistake, lol. So I started a new spider on Snowbourn because I was missing all the big battles on Dwarrow due to being in bed. But if things are different now, I expect I'll come back!

    Dwarrowdelf 7 Freeps 25-85. 1 R5 Weaver
    Snowbourn 1 Freep. R3 Blackarrow. R5 Weaver

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    CT, USA
    congrats Shap
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