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    Exclamation www.Umbar.EU - A Live Radio for Gamers, News, Guides, Tutorials.


    As The Lord of The Rings Online is my home-mmorpg, so to speak, I thought it was only right that I introduced this to here. We've yet to start a proper advertisement campaign for LotRO yet, but GMs got in contact, saying that it would be best to start it here; so here it goes!


    We've been very excited to launch our new radio.

    We had first started off in World of Warcraft, on the Argent Dawn server. The GMs of Blizzard had noticed our efforts, and had approved our radio. It didn't end there, we made headline news on the World of Warcraft EU most popular topics.

    This is tailored for gamers. We will soon be launching a new series of guides/reviews for gamers, for the most popular games out there, and some classic old games such as Diablo 1 & 2 and Divine Divinity.

    Our community over at Umbar.eu is a great one, you'll soon get to know people by name, and talk to them regarding games. Many friendships have been forged under our Umbar banner!

    You can have a listen in, or see what we're about by visiting the link below. You can meet our staff; Radio DJs, News Reporters and PR staff, or have a jump over to our forums, and meet some people there! We also have a 'Live Chat' on the main page, so you can have a discussion about on-going events at Umbar Radio. You can even give your friends' guilds a shout out, from The Lord of The Rings Online to World of Warcraft, or vice versa! Or even, get this... within the same game!

    The staff at Umbar.eu stride to give you, the listener, or potential listener quality, uniting gamers under the Umbar banner.


    "Umbar.EU - Listen & Play"

    Founder of Umbar.

    A little history about the 'Umbar' name; It means 'Fate' in J.R.R Tolkien's Sindarin, which is also a heaven south of Gondor!
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