The dwarven kinship, Durin’s Folk, is pleased to announce the founding of a new role-playing sub-group within our kin, called The Defenders of the Halls. The idea arose after I read a thread over on Landroval started by Tiempko about a new RP idea called, The Shire-Bound Bounders.

Essentially, this company within our kinship is made up of new dwarven characters, each equipped with the XP Disabler. We will use the XP Disabler to restrict ourselves between levels 6th and 10th, so that the dangers of Ered Luin remain a healthy and respectable threat to us.

A new page has been set up on our kinship webpage concerning the Defenders of the Halls, complete with a roster of company members and event schedules. You may find the page here.

1. Ranks and Titles: The name of the company is derived from the Brigand-slayer Deed in Ered Luin; each member of the company will begin with the kinship title of Recruit. Each member of the company is expected to display this title during company events, and is encouraged to use it during normal game times.

Once the Brigand-slayer Deed is completed, the player may exchange the kinship Recruit title with the Deed tile of Defender of the Halls.

The leader of the Company will be given the special surname of Defender-Captain; this is obtained from the Notary NPC, Wárr Ink-sleeve, in Thorin’s Hall. The 10 Silver cost for the surname is paid directly from the company coffers.

The Defender-Captain is responsible for recruitment of new members into the company; new players joining the Defenders of the Halls are automatically granted recruitment into the Durin’s Folk kinship. However, unlike our normal kinship recruitment and promotion rules (which requires a majority vote for promotion during kin meetings), members of the company begin with the kinship rank of Recruit and all promotions are handled by the Defender-Captain.

Promotion to the kinship rank of Kinsman requires the completion of the Brigand-slayer Deed as well as a decent history of company RP event participation.

2. XP Gains: As mentioned above, all members of the company will be restricted from rising above level 10 using the XP Disabler. In addition, the XP Disabler will be equipped when we lend assistance to others in the game. Gaining of xp is restricted to those adventures and quests during company events; at no time can xp be gained from crafting. Thus, each member of the company must have their XP Disabler equipped at all times outside of company events.

3. Company RP Events: We will host regular monthly events within the company around Ered Luin. We will also lend aid to players seeking assistance with questing. To ask for such aid, simply send in-game mail to the Defender-Captain. We will strive to send out a company as soon as possible to aid you. You may also sent Lord Nuri a message in-game as well and he will forward it to the Defenders of the Halls.

We are also very willing to escort players to and from Ered Luin, into the Shire and even the Bree-lands should they need the assistance. And our events will not be restricted to Ered Luin alone; for there are some scattered dwarves through the Shire and of course to Bree itself!

4. Headquarters: The company will utilize the Thorin’s Hall Festival Area as our base of operations.

5. Company Coffers: The Defender-Captain will maintain a company coffer of monies for use within the company. Each member is encouraged to tithe a small portion of their gains during RP events to the coffer.