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Thread: ittylalala

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    Grats to one of the most old reaver on this server grats itty
    Crickhollow - Scratzod r6 Champ - Scratzw r7 Burg - / Healpot r7 Defiler
    Brandywine - Pinha r8 Spider - Litleponey r9 Reaver / Qris-1 r11 miniEzmode

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    grats Itty!
    R8 RK, R8 champ, R7 burg, R8 warden. R13 warg, R10 spider, R9 reaver, R8 Warleader R6 BA

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    Dec 2010
    Gratz itty
    Xalfang R10 warg, Xalweb R8 Spidey, Xalgnakah R8 Defiler/Bruzrat's pocket-healer, Euanggelion R8 Warden.

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    Old reaver lol he is like a reaver in his mid 40s while im going into granpa diapers.

    Congrats dude. Here is your reward


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    I hope you meet lots of wonderful ponies in your travels, grats!

    Find me on Steam and ESO, same name.

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    twas the night before ittys rank

    The night before itty ranked creeps were doing there thing ya know owning freeps and a wise man said Kill ralrog Power Drain to win and bam whe n itty went to bed magicly pony powers came to this almighty reaver. When itty woke up he had his morning hobbit feet and drank some of his fav drink and before he could wipe his mouth with a dwarf beard he was rank 10 he screamed and went right to youtube to find a pony song to dance t

    grarz itty


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    I thought I was in the clear, owell nothing gets past Qris it seems

    Thanks everyone, I decided to finally get rank 10 after being rank 9 for I don't even know how long XD its been fun the past few days with the rvr's which I've had the privilege to lead some, glad some people can still understand my babbling and know who to target when I try to say your dang freep lore names XD

    back to being evil...
    [center][color=red][size=3][color=gold]~[/color]Ittybitty, Reaver[color=gold]~[/color][/size]
    [size=1]Sexylegs, Rank [color=cyan]8[/color] Spider[/size]
    [size=1]Vic, Rank [color=cyan]7[/color] Defiler[/size][/color][/center]

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    Croatia, Split
    Gratz my old friend and devoted reaver, keep smashing - I'm gonna try opposing you on the other side tho:P
    *Shapheelz, r10 defiler (Crickhollow)
    *Shapslay, r5 reaver (Crickhollow)
    *Riabo, r9 warden (Crickhollow)
    *Runvat, runekeeper (Crickhollow)

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    Behind you
    Grats itty


    Burzan aka Trompok(BW) - R14 Reaver
    Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!

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    Behind that tree
    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealVang View Post
    Congrats dude. Here is your reward

    What they hay did I just watch... O_o

    And grats Itty! Have some applelicious apples. /)
    [url=http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?285644-A-very-dumb-and-silly-suggestion.]Best way to balance Lotro PvP.[/url]

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    Grats itty on r10

    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealVang View Post

    lmao i love this video
    Your misconceptions and fantasies along with your misguided sense of entitlement don't dictate my actions.



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