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    Congratulations High Warden Istee

    Finally. You would have ranked faster if you had been on freep side more :P

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    who? Oh yea gratz!
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    EDIT:Gratz splendid!
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    Grats Istee

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    Haha thanks , yeah i am loving the spider atm!

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    Splendid the farmer.

    Yeah, farming the spider wasnt my plans when i made it but staying up to 02:00 for any form of fighting doesnt appeal to me much. I wouldnt on the LM. When i get a bit of money spare i will probably start a new toon up on a Euro server, I know there will be hate but im still a nice guy! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by vhamster View Post
    3 of the top 4 that day where all farming each other just north of GV. All you had to do was ride up the safe path to see the defeat responses. They all logged after getting called out and Murder came by to clean up.
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    Yeah, farming the spider was a mistake, I understand this and it won't happen again. I'm not trying to pass the buck, a few I know started doing it and I got involved and took it a bit too far. More fool me. I don't want acceptance I know will have to earn that, if I can.

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    It seems a few still arent over that stuff? once a farmer forever a farmer yup yup. farmed spider havent been on since, keep the QQ coming though its funny. Ill be r10 in the next few days so prepare another QQ post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shnewp View Post
    Wow, a 2 boxing farmer ranked, that's quite an accomplishment, congratulations.
    Wow, you posted in a two month old thread. Grats on observations.

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    Shnewp removed his post lol. shnewp if u are gonna make yourself look like an idiot then stick with ur choice. Don't try hiding it. ps quit complaining istee is awesome

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    Grats. At this rate, you'll beat me to 11

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    Haha I don't know about that, ranking the burg up atm but maybe soon ill get back into it!



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