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    Power consumption Plugin

    Does anyone know of a power consumption plugin? My idea is something like combat analysis where it will tell you your power use per second and how many times you use a skill and how much power it uses total, and how much power each skill uses. I thought of this as I was playing on my hunter wondering which skills were sucking my power and how i can change my rotation. If this could be down would love to see it happen, almost thinking about to learning LUA just to make it but if someone else can make it that would be awesome. Comments are welcome.
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    There's no combat log entries for power usage, so it's difficult (if not impossible) to measure this precisely.

    Moebius has an interesting plugin that does some work matching up changes to your power pool with skill usage events & combat log entries. See:

    I don't think this plugin actually does what you're after, but this shows how you would have to go about tracking power usage (without having the power costs of each skill specified manually, and thus ignoring the effects of various debuffs, etc).
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    Yeah i tried downloading that plugin but it kept saying that it isn't working right.
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