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    "Men of Gondor" recruiting

    "Men of Gondor is a newly formed, roleplay focused kinship in search of new members! We're a Gondor-themed bunch who encourage Gondorians of all walks of life, be it commerce, warmongery, social tea parties even, to join us in a joint effort to create a fantastic roleplay environment for Gondorians prior to the release of the Gondor expansion sometime in the future!"
    --Balhadur, kin master--

    I am proud to announce the birth of "Men of Gondor"! Lets take a look at what we plan to offer as a kin sofar. By chosing the name "Men of Gondor" rather than "Guards of..." or "Soldiers of..." , we aim higher than just military rp. As we have a goal to pioneer rp in the future Gondor areas, we will try to mirror the entire Gondorian society. That mean we welcome not only soldiers but merchants, farmers, craftsmen, townsfolk, adventurers and others. As we grow we plan to have guilds within the kin where likeminded, from similar backgrounds and proffessions, can come together. Each guild will have the option to chose their own leader and organize events. That way we hope the calender will fill up with a nice variation of rp events. But to accomplish this we need members.
    Dont hesitate if you think this migh be something for you. Join now and help shape this kin from the start. "Men of Gondor" is a heavy rp kin and we desire our applicants to have some rp experience and maturity. Contact Iarvund or Balhadur ingame, or leave a message here. Well met!
    --Iarvund, kin provost--

    Our website is now up and running. Check it out for more information about "Men of Gondor"



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    It's good see a true Gondorian kinship established on Laurelin. In the short while that I rp'd on Laurelin it upset me to not see one so I tip my hat to you guys for creating one.

    Televir, Long time member of the Company of the White Tree, the Landroval Gondorian Kinship

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    Thanks Televir. I have actuallly come a cross your kinsite when i searched for guides and information regarding Gondorian rp. Great site! Had your kin been on laurelin server i would have joined for sure. But then there would not be a "Men of Gondor" kin

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    About your application....

    Hi! I am currently thinking of sending an application to your kinship and was wondering about the application. There is a section of "Letter:
    Write an in character letter to a person important to your character! Anything from a report on Orc activity in Ithilien to a trivial letter on last night's culinary delights will do! This is to give us a picture of your character's personality." I was wondering does this mean that the character writes a letter to someone who has special meaning to him/her. Since I do not seem to get this I was wondering if the "letter" could an application letter to your kinship IC ? Is this okay?

    Thanks! Waiting 4 your response!

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    Ah yes It can be a simple IC text, feel free to adress the officer (s) of this kin if you like or an imaginary person. Here is an example from one of our applicants;

    "My Captain, So far no news on the errand on which you send me North, I have not been able to find much referrence to "The sword that was broken" nor "Isildur's Bane". I will continue my investigation in a manner as inconspicuous as possible and hope to have more news with my next report. Your loyal servant...."

    Its just so we got some idea of your rp, caracters background and such. Whats important to us is that you have some rp experience and that your caracters background is correct according to lore. We dont want to get wizards, cousins of aragorn, adoptive son of boromir etc into the kin Also feel free to contact us ingame. Hope that i answered your question.
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    "Men of Gondor" recruiting again

    Men of Gondor has been reformed under new leadership! A Gondorian kinship on the Laurelin server is something many players of gondorian chars seek, including me. It is true we do not yet have a Gondor to roleplay in. But the key thought about "Men of Gondor" is to be ready when a Gondor expansion is launched.
    Much have been revised and "Men of Gondor 2.0" will be more military style oriented. We aim to create a fighting unit with uniforms and various ranks from recruits to the Captain. It is the intent that we will supply a friendly helpful community for people into skirmish and raids aswell as for roleplayers. Our rp events will be themed and storydriven.
    For more information, please visit our kinsite http://menofgondor.guildlaunch.com. If interested you can apply directly on the kinsite or contact Andoramir or Iarvund ingame.

    Dont hesitate, join the ranks of the Gondorian soldiers in the north.
    Swear the oath of fealty and join us in our battlecry: For Gondor!

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    Still recruiting *bump*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iarvund View Post
    Still recruiting *bump*
    Still? *bump²*

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    No, Men of Gondor was disbanded for lack of interest. At the time there weren't enough man or women interested in Gondorian rolaplay.

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    Iarvund, old friend, heed mah call! Get online and we can do this thing! Already have a gondorian stand in kin we can start from. /Farathan



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