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    Looking for an active Kin

    My friends and I are new & returning players looking for an good size, active kin. We are located in EST time zone and are casual players, but do enjoy running instances and raids. MMO experience include over 10 years playing EQ, SWG, CoH, WoW, and LOTRO.

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    Welcome (Back)!

    I'd like to suggest checking out Shadows of Eriador. We are a casual, active, mature kinship and always looking to expand our family! We have active players across the US and even a few EU folks. Our members span various levels, playstyles, and MMO experience. There are a myriad of helpful people and we never have a dull moment! We're active in Monster Play as well! Boasting a brand new tribe, Dances with Elves, for the darker side of our members. SoE also has it's own Ventrillo server and website for every which way of communicating, assisting, and guiding members of the kin.

    If you would like to learn more, or are interested in applying, head on over to www.ShadowLotro.com! You can also contact any member of SoE if you have questions or need help with the website.

    Happy Hunting!
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    Transcendence is always looking for active players. Our kin was founded in 2007 and includes a website, Ventrillo Server, and all the rest of the bells and whistles that come with an older kin. We are not a huge kin but have plenty of helpful people to fill out our nightly raids and instances. Transcendence is largely comprised of more mature players who are closer to 40 and 50 years old than 20.

    If this sounds like something that may interest you look us up here:

    If you would like to know more contact Maragold, Williwaw, Carduil, or Keewee in the game.

    thanks and good luck!



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