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Thread: BA - Rotation

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    BA - Rotation

    Might be a thread on here already, not too sure. I was just wondering if any BAs had a certain skill rotation they have (depending on class and situation). I find myself trying to use all my big hits on the light-medium classes and slowly take out the heavies.

    Any tips/rotations anyone has would be appreciated.

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    Tbh for me it depends

    Sure i have IPT been used all the damn time but damn man, what am i gonna do?its the best sustaining dps skill we have cause of the cooldown

    Screaming shaft+ NYD nice too and headshot bofeore it is awesome too
    Id say it hard to give you any good info about it cause on top of that BA skills have very long cooldowns for a dps class

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    In my opinion, the best way for a BA to kill is through burst damage. That kind of damage wherein your target would not even realize that his morale was dropping so fast and will only notice when he's already dead or almost dead and DoTs will kill him.

    I always use Keen Eye with this rotation for light and meduim-armoured freeps:
    Flaming Arrow ==> Explosive Arrow ==> Strong Pull ==> Hindering Shot ==> Tangleshot ==> Vital Target ==> Revenge (if target is still alive, Headshot ==> Punctured Target ==> No You Don't).

    Keen Eye has a nice +25% ranged damage at tier 5 and is crucial if you want maximum dps. By the time your VT has landed, your Explosive Arrow has detonated as well (by this time you have dealt around 6k-7k damage, more if you had outpost buffs), and it's time to finish it off with Revenge. I have my target dead in 10-15 seconds with this rotation (if no one is healing them lol).

    It's the most effective rotation I have, especially against those nasty tactical classes and hunters. Although there might be a time that the freep healer(s) took notice of your target's low morale and heal them in time, I use the extra rotation and just hope for a kill lol.

    I hope this helps. This is just my rotation though. I would like to see other BAs' rotations as well.

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    With the changes to center power management isn't much of an issue anymore, i just spam ipt whenever it is up and fill in the gaps with strong pull or w/e else is up.
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    Generally I use this rotation for all classes except 3-4 (guardian/glory champ/cappy/healing warden).Always but ALWAYS have keen eye stance on to get the 25% dmg buff and especially now cause of the interupt changes, Ba is one of the classes most benefitted by it, keen eye is even viable in 1vs 1 situations.So this is my rotation and what I suggest for Bas.============>

    1.Punctuted target(To get the nice armour value reduction buff running or hindering if target not slowed).

    2.Flaming arrow(To get the fire dot running).

    3.Explosive arrow(So it can be activated while your VT hits giving you a nice dmg bonus of 1k plus).

    4.Headshot(which I have traited to get the knockdown)

    now for 5th attack I know some BAs gonna use something like strong pull/screaminmg shafts/tangleshot(which has low crit chance).These are low dmging attacks even if they crit (except tangleshot maybe).At this point the freep target is most likely already running(especially in Eldar) and its time for you to close the deal!So===>

    5.Vital target(at this point your keen eye buff is at its maximun point giving you +25% dmg and explosive arrow kicking in plus the knockdown from Headshot if you lucky the freep is in a perfect state for REVENGEEEEE).

    6.Revenge(if it crits job is done so pray to Morgoth it does)

    Now if the target not dead at this point use puntured target which is off cd and finish with a combination of tangleshot/no you dont/scraming shafts.

    *** Dont forget to use traps!! Fire trap is great in close spaces or setting between large freep numbers so you can tag everything and slow trap to add some extra dmg or run away :P.Also for tagging use your aoe move Death blossom.

    This is my rotation and what I suggest for BAs these days.I use it for 60-80% of the fights in Ettens.It is not universal ofc and I adapt depending on the situation and cds.Worked for me like a charm for 12 ranks! Hope I helped
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daec View Post
    With the changes to center power management isn't much of an issue anymore, i just spam ipt whenever it is up and fill in the gaps with strong pull or w/e else is up.
    no its still there even with food with 1.7k icpr

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