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    The dalish elves

    not so long ago, about 500 years, Orlesia telrunya left Rivendell for edhellion in her search for lore and wisdom. The road was lonely and dangerous but her animal companions kept her safe and company, when she arrived master tallagan silvertongue took her as an apprentice but soon skrogrim attacked for he wanted the ethernal life. The elves weren't as easy killed as he thought but they couldn't stop him, tallagan sacrificed himself to protect the relics and orlesia dissapeared in the wilds. Now one hundred years later orlesia has returned from the wild summoned by her animal companions and formed her own group of elves called the dalish to protect middle earth against the shadow, this is a fight she can not win on her own, would you help her defeat the shadow and give back the lands to whom it belongs? Join the dalish elves and fight for what is right!

    Orlesia lives in the world of nimrodel where she fights the minions of sauron.
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