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    Hytbold bugged up for me and got no help

    I call for help again now here on the Forum, maybe now somebody can help me really. The short brief of my probem. Hytbold bugged me somehow on the prehytbold quest. I cannot communicate with any of the reputation npcs there, except the daily quest giver Rinwald. Near him stands Edgal, i did all quests what they gave me. I cannot communiate the hytbold armour barter group too, because they are only on the minimap, but not at their place. On my other toon i built up Hytbold, but i wanna use the craft instances on my mini also.

    An idea to solve this problem. Can the GM cancel the hytbold start quest while all my deeds, reputation levels, hytbold tokens (now got 325 and what i spent (around 200) to the Edgal quests) not changes? I reported this as a bug like 3 times too.

    I suffer with this problem like a month ago, so my patiance gone. The GMs cannot do anything, and no response to my bug reports. What now?

    A bit angry guy.

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    After 80 mins a Senior Game Master sent cancelled the Hytbold quest. I asked him, why did i have to wait 5 weeks for this and why i had to suggest the solution. He said: "When fixes are found to issues GM's will be informed of them. At the time of your last ticket there was no solution known to your issue" and "You did not suggest a solution."

    The GMs kindness aren't as 3-4 years ago.

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    Oh yes yes, and kindred with anyone. It was the strange thing. They said the Hytbold start quest bugged on me and no more word 5 weeks from my first ticket... With my cappy i built up everything.



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