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    Quote Originally Posted by Cronk5 View Post
    For someone who rants about not caring about the game and hardly having any reason to play it, you sure do get upset when someone jumps on your little pixels. And as for step brothers?
    And yet you were the one who brought it up in this thread, you were the one that started doing it in the first place and you are the one laughably sending me gloating mail. Yes Droilan, it's all me.

    You mean Landryt and Callquinta? No, Milt, they're just friends. You wouldn't know much about that though, would you?
    If you mean in-game, dunno, I've always been creeped out by you kinmate freaks but there are many people whose online banter I enjoy and reciprocate. I'm not here for friends though, only to unwind a little. I have plenty of friends in real life thanks. But you wouldn't know anything about a real life, would you?

    But whatever you say, man. I'm not one for drama, so I won't carry on after this post. We'll enjoy your attention, and I'll enjoy killing you in the middle of a creep raid due to your stupidity.
    Stupidity? I guess. I prefer to consider it making sure you don't survive and making sure I tag you to be part of it. One final note: I have an OP freep too, I just don't go around acting like it means anything as losers like you obviously do.

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    annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnd this thread has just gone off.


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