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    Returning player starting fresh

    I know this question gets asked many times but here goes...I want to either make a Hunter or Champion. I plan to level fast and get into end game and some PvMP, basically want to know what the status is on those classes being needed, overplayed, etc. I like both classes and know Hunters are ranged, while Champions are melee/AoE...but when I played before Hunters were the least wanted class due to so many people playing them.

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    I guess both hunter and champ are easy to level up and they are overplayed (imo) however playing them 'well' is not as easy as it looks. Getting to the cap lvl is easy, some people did it in just a week or two but I think that's not the spirit of this game (again imo ).

    Whatever it is, enjoy the game and the community!

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    Hunter can be very very tough in PvMP but easy to level and a ton of fun to boot. You can trap, root, and mez. I know dps is our primary role but oh I love throwing things out there and seeing where they splatter. And the ability port....nothing beats that. and I love setting up campfires just for the heck of it. Check the hunter forums out.

    Not too familiar with champs- have a thirty something champ who makes my traps and tends to charge right into trouble. Either him or a hobbit warden will be my next leveling project.

    Find something ya like and try it out.
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    I am a returning player as well. I have both a hunter and champion that I took to the level cap back in the Moria days. I am having a difficult time choosing which character I want to focus on now. Playing a hunter can be fun with the ability to just shoot stuff from range plus the ability to port around is huge! My champion is the better geared of the two characters and I am just ripping right through mobs of my level so that point right there makes it a fun class to play. I just don't know which one will have the staying power at high level. Ooooo it's a hard choice.



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