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    The first assault instance.

    Anyone else find the instance The First Assault where you protect Winsig much harder then any other instance in the ROR expansion?

    No matter what i do i can't finish the instance without dying or failing the quest. I have had no problems with anything else so far in ROR and am at max level but for some reason this instance is beyond me.
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    Unhappy Me too!

    Had no trouble with this on my Lore Master, but my minstrel is totally incapable of keeping both herself and (the rather stupid) Winsig alive. I have tried her in War Speech and Harmony and the (fellowship) healer stance seems to work a little better, although because Winsig is not in my fellowship I cannot heal or protect her effectively. I'm probably going to cry now...

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    How do you get this quest? I'm mid 84, and my quests just kind of disappeared after I killed the orcs by the east wall for winsig, and got the NPC's necklace up by Hytbold.

    I thought there should be more to the quests in Walstow (enough to hit 85), but nobody there has a ring over the head.....I also don't have a quest regarding Walstow in my log....just the hytbold stuff now.

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    The First Assault

    This quest is given by Gisling in Southbourn, after you have talked to Cynelac for the quest The Broken Family. You talk to Fastred (in his house) who has had his son snatched and is understandably miffed.


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    I have to blame server lag.... I did go into the Mead Hall, but Winsig had no quest ring.....I should have waited a few more seconds, because it was there this morning!

    I didn't have any problem with the first assault. Jut stayed back and picked off the casters. The quest that ends this chain, with all the Reeve's, I had to do twice. I dinged 85 on the quest turn-in for this great questline!



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