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    Coffee and Tea thread for the New Year?

    So uh... I seemed to have gone on quite a long hiatus from LOTRO and the forums. I was gone for over a year! But Rohan has brought me back and I'm slowly getting more and more involved in the community again and I thought I'd make a new coffee thread if anyone is interested

    Although I can't drink coffee anymore Tried not drinking it for a few weeks on a whim and boom... my general anxiety disappeared! So for me it's tea, unless I want to have anxiety attacks again (which I very specifically don't).

    I've been getting back into LOTRO the past few months since before RoR released. My captain is 85, my warden is 74, my hunter is 58 now and my rune-keeper is.... well she's sitting mostly untouched because trying to get back into the class is terrible At least with the warden I know it's mostly a matter of finding the right gambit combos but looking at my RK's skillbar... sheesh! Too much for me to remember.

    So what is going on with all your wonderful Windfolians?

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    Welcome back to the game Cithryth!

    I actually just got back to the game about a week ago as well, I was gone for a bit over a year... couldn't handle college and this game together! Graduated now so I can start playing again which is great.

    Loving this new expansion, the war steeds are a lot of fun as well... too bad they can't be used in the moors. I'm feeling like a complete noob with everything, trying to relearn my class and other things that are new and different. I went into the moors yesterday to quickly help someone take an OP (never happened) only for us to find out that they made changes in the moors as well! lol

    I'm doing the opposite with the whole coffee business, never drank it until about a few months ago and now I can't live without it haha.

    I hope you're enjoying this new update as much as I am! ^.^
    Rhiannon the Runekeeper!
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    Welcome back to you too! I also just graduated and I also absolutely love the new expansion and mounted combat! I know many people aren't quite as jazzed about mounted combat, but I am just over the moon about it. I could ride around killing warbands all day!

    On the topic of relearning things, I just went to my warden trainer for the first time in... maybe over a year? And to my surprise there are new versions of every single gambit... its the same gambits, but done at range. My mind was blown.

    And I'm glad someone is able to enjoy coffee! I love the taste of coffee. I may have to get some decaf beans because I miss it.

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    This is a great idea! Happy New Year to all!

    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to log into LOTRO since the Rohan update went live. I'm one of those folks who's getting the "unable to save data" message on the launcher every time I try to start it. Maybe this week I'll try the uninstall/reinstall trick to see if that helps, otherwise I'll have to drop my subscription.

    A couple of kinmates have wandered back of late; although I'm playing another game we all sit in Vent together and talk while we game. To judge from their chatter and tone of voice, the reaction to the new content is...well, mixed. I have no interest in the expansion, but I wouldn't mind getting back on for a bit when I want a break from...um, the other game. I expect I will want that. Eventually.

    More importantly of late, I've been mulling getting back into my own writing. Blogging for LOTRO and other games has been a very enjoyable and instructive experience for me, but I kind of want to return to worlds of my own making. I've started reading short fiction again and last week finished the latest issue of Weird Tales, which among other things featured a short-short story by a 19-year-old gamer from Utah. A kid who's literally young enough to be my son.

    So yes, I'd say it's past time to get serious.

    Some must fight, so that all may be free.



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