If any of you remember me posting a message about my kin three times on this forum page then you remember well or you just scrolled down the nimrodel kinships page it matters not.

A few months ago I embarked on a journey to make and own a kinship worth everyone's attention and I recently had a lot of trouble with it but now my kin has emerged and thrived as one of the good
kin's of middle earth.

About 2 weeks ago I started to wish my kin would have more people in it so I took upon the task of recruiting. It wasn't easy
but I successfully got 7 new members a day for the next 3 days and some new officers to help me out.
My kinship went from the member count of fourty-one to 71 in 36 hours only! Then after a but of waiting (and recruiting)the number crept up to 198!

But unfortunately after another week or so my kin slumped down to the member range of 180 and then 170 and stayed there at a slowly decreasing weight.

Finally I had a talk to some of my members and realized that it would be a big mistake to let thi skin down so I went upon the task of recruiting even more and I sent a kin message to everyone.
They got it, and a few of them helped me recruit.

SO now that the number is slow increasing I think that some other people would like to join it and look at this message I wrote on the 27th of December.

If anyone is interested in joining the kin here are a few details:

There are 187 members growing in the kinship and at least five more every day there is a kin house filled with treasures and materials anyone would need or want and plenty of crafters in the kin.
While there are plenty of higher levels in the kin all levels can join and all races for that matter.
Anyone can join my kin though cussing is frowned upon in it is tolerated and please try to refrain from it in the kin as much as you can.

If any other information is requested or if anyone would like to join it please contact my only character Soruof or some of our officers. Here are just a few of them:
Algalas/ Hurolas, Neonitrix, ridgeharlem and many more!

Thank you everyone for viewing my message and I hope to see you soon if you are interested in the kin!