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Thread: LF kinship

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    LF kinship

    Hi all.

    I just returned from a long restz from MMO-s and ofund that this server became quite empty, and some things are hard to do alone.
    I'm looking for a kinship that would accept a casual player who does questing, leveling alts sometimes, instances here and there. I can't play every day, and I don't have set time when I can play. What I'm looking for is when I log on to have people to do stuff with.
    A bit about me. I'm male 34 y/o from Zagreb-Croatia, married, got a job in shifts as a cashier in a bank, in about 7 months we're having a baby I'm a fan of Tolkien and similar authors, actually of whole fantasy genre. Till now I've played WoW for a long time until 1 and a half year ago, then GW2, a bit of RIFT, but none of them are as great as Lotro in many things.
    I have most of the classes, some at higher lvl, some just started. My main played characters are Natsuke lvl 68 hunter and Mihaella lvl 59 champion.
    If all above suits people I'd like to join a casual guild. My only wish is that kin have enough people so we can do any stuff we want at any given time.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


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    Casual Guild: Tears of the Valar

    hi and wb Natsuke.

    Tears of the Valar is a casual guild. We rate content of LOTR higher that progression: we love the story and the game. RL is always most important, no blaming for sudden logging
    Most players (many alt's) are in the lvl 75-85 range. But we do have a grp atm in the range of lvl 52-68. With alts there is good options to roam Moria, Carn Dum or Mirkwood instances.

    We are not online all the time for the same reasons u. We do have a good stable and very friendly grp of players that, when we have the time, are happy to help because grping is fun and we still havent been to all corners of the game and always like to complete one more deed.

    We hold both grp oriented and solo oriented players and we respect every1 wished for the game and playstyle. The leadership for the kin always encourage to do kin grps and during "normal" times we do kin grps almost every evening. We are not extremly good players but we are okay and we always like to make the best out of teamwork.

    So ToTV is one option for u: http://totv.guildlaunch.com/

    Contact ingame for a chat or invite:

    Moonsmile/Quietone/Raif (GL)
    Capodo/Capewak/Capeshade (officer, me)
    Dylas/Zogar (officer)
    Thalimir (officer)

    regards and gl

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    Hi and thanks for answer. From what I read it's the kin Im looking for, so if its ok I'd like to join. I will ad you ingame as a friend and contact when online

    Cya in game then

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    You be welcome m8. I've made note of ur hunter/champ names and proly soon find u ingame .



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