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    Exclamation Calling All Evernight Roleplayers (And Evernight Players Interested in Roleplaying)

    Roleplaying, one of the greatest ways to bring Middle-Earth to life

    I recently discovered how much fun this can be, after creating a character on Landroval. Now, I am looking for others from Evernight to join myself and the Roleplaying community.

    Roleplaying allows you to build your character up, and to make it into a true "character", more than an "avatar". Basically, it involves reacting to and with others "in-character" (i.e. as your character would act). This allows for immersion into the game, or simply enjoying yourself pretending to be something or someone else.

    If you are interested, the kinship Refugees of Evernight is being set up in the next few days. Our goal: to get as many Evernight players as possible involved in RP, and build up a friendly, helpful light RP kin to help each other get the hang of RP, and form a creative pool for ideas for backstories, events and characters.

    All are welcome to create a character on Landroval and join us. If you want more info, post on this thread, PM me on the forums, or send in-game mail on either server to Anionwulf

    Come on Evernight, we can do this!
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    Why build it on Landroval? Don't mean to be rude, apologies if it comes across as such, but as a former Evernighter I made the switch to Landroval but found it to be very inactive during EU primetime. It has without a doubt the best community (from what I saw ofcourse, opinions may differ), as well as a lot of wonderfull events (Weatherstock, Ales and Tales, Breeland races, ...) but it's very... dead during EU primetime. You simply can not get into GB, GA or Fornost groups without some friendly 85 offering to run you through.
    I then started on Laurelin and find it to be a lot more active, a very busy auction house and an equal amount of RP and RP events. It doesn't feel as warm and welcoming as Landroval though.



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