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Thread: Server down?

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    Nov 2012

    server full

    &&& is it with the server full &&&& why would they let a server overload with too many players too play on cant even play any more when i want to i feel ripped off !!!!!!!!!!!

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    It basically is an error...

    check this link...

    Very frustrating... Would at least want to see a message from Turbine acknowledging that there is a problem and people are looking into it. Basic communication skills ....

    very frustrating for me & my son who have time in the hollidays - only to watch server full message

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    VIP = priority login my &&&&. I am off to play an MMO that cares about its customers, especially paying ones. First time I have EVER had this kind of a problem with any MMO over the past 13 years. Let alone no notification or anything about what is going on. This is why you will fail, LOTRO. Must not have any business majors working over there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemesis_Belgium View Post
    It basically is an error...

    check this link...
    I followed that link, too. I got tickled at this:
    -- If you are receiving either of these errors, there may be unscheduled downtime occurring.

    Please post about receiving this error and indicate which world/server you are receiving this error on the forums linked below:--

    So I clicked the link and came right to the forums. That was handy, no?


    Here's hoping we can get in before the holidays are up and we have to refocus on life.

    Good luck to us all.
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    hopefully they fix this up soon.... Ive been offline too long because of the flu and now this.... (wanders off to drown sorrows in orange juice and chicken soup)

    Creeps Dwarrowdelf: Drdeadman R9 /Ostanda R6


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