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    Oct 2012

    Still getting Connection Failed: Server Full message this morning.

    Happened to me last night for a few tries and then I got in on the 4th. So far I have not been able to log in this morning.

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    Dec 2012

    Also get message server full

    Also had it a few times before and after a few times trying i got online but when i tried it today it would not work.
    i think they let to many new players create a profile on the server (darrowdelf) and therefore a lot of players can't log in
    Or maybe a problem of server and that its fixed with next update , I hope so

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    Happening to me again right now, however I'm getting really bad ping times to all servers right now (400+ms). Not sure if its related.

    Edit: ... and miraculously the latency recovers, but still unable to log in: "server full".
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    Nov 2012

    Poor planning

    This appears to be poor planning on their behalf. The release of the movie "The Hobbit" has brought new players to the game. Perhaps more than they planned on, but regardless, they could have planned better. This is the only server that has this issue.

    As a VIP player, short time as it has been, if this continues, I will cancel and move on to something that can actually allow me to log in and play like I should be able to.

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    Oct 2012
    I have to admit, I'm a little surprised there's no queuing system in place with LOTRO. I don't mind sitting in a queue... it at least lets me know about how long I have to wait. This having to restart the client everytime and re-login is a bit annoying though.

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    Sep 2010

    Can't log in

    There is no way that the server should still be full i have been trying for hrs to log into lotro today on dwarrowdelf and i can not get in plz use a patch 2 fix this as soon as possible.

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    Nov 2010

    Angry Two days gone

    Same problem here!

    Just wanted to add another voice to the chorus in hopes of some kind of official response as to what the problem is and when it will be fixed!

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    Suggest watching the stats

    Until the line in green changes, logging in to Dwarrow may be a waste of your time, I'd suspect:


    In case you're curious, for alt play, leading 3 servers by pop right now are Crickhollow (1600 players), Brandywine (1200), and Silverlode (1000). I'd prefer to be on Dwarrow too, but might as well be realistic.

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    I found this post by Sapience from a thread back in June.

    "The server full error is unfortunately misleading. It has nothing to do with population, subscription status or anything it would lead you to believe is the actual issue. In fact, it simply means there is a problem with the login server that usually will clear itself in a brief period of time. If you're still experiencing this problem after waiting a little bit, please let us know. "
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    Hmm.... I have not had any problem with this.....

    Is the error still happening to people or has it stopped?
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    It's happened to me too. Have you seen the huge noob influx? This is like MD's dream come true.

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    I've seen the influx of new players here.. I haven't seen so many Level 30 players or lower in Bree at anyone time, ever. Even the Multiple layer icon is up. Crazy. I'm VIP so and also live in Australia so that could be why I haven't had any login issues yet (as I usually play when most of U.S is sleeping).



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