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    Cool Looking for someone to share in Adventure

    Im a Dwarf, lvl 25 now, i have played along while back and now trying to reenter. My reasons for leaving have been, well, lack of fellowship. I do not like MMORPGs for the single player aspect. So, looking for some others to join in the adventure with. I prefer fellow kin, AKA Dwarfs, just be cause well...we are awesome. Im not a HUGE RP guy, mostly because im awful at it, but i do like certain ideas like the dislike of elves and such, but mostly in fun. That said, i just want some great guys to adventure with. So, if any of you need a Dwarf to watch ur back, hit me up. if your an Elf, well, i can put up wit ya. Who knows we may become our own Lagolas/Gimli story. (:

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    Smile Fellow here!

    What server are you on? I'm always looking for someone to group up with!

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    this one...Dwarrowdelf. Bodenh LightHammer-23 Champ Dwarf, at ur service.
    and one toon on Silverlode, but he only lvl 6.

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    I'll put you on my friends list, I have a dwarf Runekeeper near your level. What time zone are you and when do you usually find yourself logged in?

    My Runekeeper name is Kegyr.
    Dwarrowdelf Server - Elthorik 85 CPT, Throryn 85 CHA, Dwaldin 85 GRD, Durlag 85 MIN, Wargstalker 85 HNT, Piestalker 68 BRG

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    CST is my time zone, and im on in the evenings mostly, though while i have time off of work for Christmass i am on more. I also have a man Warden, lvl 12 if that is any more helpful. I will play which ever has gets more fellowship.

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    A strapping young dwarf like yourself needs more than an adventurer partner, how about a strong and sturdy kin to go along with it? The oldest kin on server built on the backs of dwarves!! Sons of the Seven Fathers is recruiting dwerrows of all class and level or hidden gender Our leader, Zim, is usually on most of the time and would be happy to go into further detail with you


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Gandolf View Post
    What server are you on? I'm always looking for someone to group up with!
    I would hope he's talking about Dwarrowdelf, since this is this Dwarrowdelf forums.
    [Jonp - Rank 11 Hunter] [Garaluk - Rank 9 Reaver]



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