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Thread: Good bye lotro~

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    Unhappy Good bye lotro~

    Well it has been quite the journey.. what can I say.. lotro has been my game for 3 years now .. but its time for me to move on to ESO.. I hate most of you, I will miss some of you (drakk,zub,smifro,thalendrin,s no) to name a few. not saying i want come back so dont give me that '' oh i thought you quit'' &&&&.. im simply PROBABLY never coming back.. so i thank you for letting me farm you @ nelgor, aktis, silent and xunaang. was fun good luck to you all..

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    who are u and what is ESO?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasthelion View Post
    what is ESO?
    Eldar Scrolls i think

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    ESO is the next WOW/GW2 Killer
    Shapcidrat SoM-RoR

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    Will miss you too

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    Quote Originally Posted by New_Requiem View Post
    ESO is the next WOW/GW2 Killer
    same old story
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    Quote Originally Posted by atmonello View Post
    same old story
    get off our forums, you arent in this server anymore! hahaha

    And I'm gonna miss ya Aurshi, enjoy ESO.. i'll probably going to buy that, not sure yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by New_Requiem View Post
    ESO is the next WOW/GW2 Killer

    Have fun on Elder Scrolls Aurshi!

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    Bye aurshi
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    Cya man, was fun grouping with ya a few times, stop by again every now and then!
    {Evogrin R11 warden} {Evogash R9 warg} +wayy too many others R6-8! Though I do not play lotro anymore, thank you to everyone who made this game so much fun all those years! God bless!

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    Bye Aurshi, have fun with your elder scrolls game D:
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    Goodbye Altaiir, it was fun playing with you on dwarrow back in Honourless and I was looking forward to you coming to E, but hey real life comes first. good luck in your future man, peace
    Sylidor, you were the best raid leader freepside, we all love and miss you. R.I.P.

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    Well its official now, bye now.. probably never coming back so kick me from what ever tribe/kin im in

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    Wishing you all the best in the future.



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