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    Happy Sauronsmass everyone

    Just want to send the traditional (for the first time, but traditions must stats somewhere) Sauronsmass greeting to all players in the Moors, in honor of the great Sauron who was tricked into serving Morgoth on this very day, all those ages ago.

    This is a day to:
    Drink hobbitblood out of newly cracked dwarfskulls
    Kill elves so that they do not create new toys for the small children at Hoarhallow
    Slay the children of men so that the elves' toybusiness have to foreclose and sack employees.
    Also, we will lit many bonfires from newly cut ents up at gramsfoot where we will BBQ many maeras steeds of Rohan.

    To round it all up, there will be slaying carols by the Witchking and the nazguls (with a special dance performance by the ever so famous Dol Guldur Nazgulettes (female woodtrolls in black hula dresses) as well as a special fireworks by saruman himself where he will tie small rohirrim children on fireworks, so we will hear that seasonal special screams.

    And of course, any rank 1-8 will give all their money and questitems to those of rank 9 or higher

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Had a blast xD Happy Sauronsmass day everyone!
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