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    Quote Originally Posted by Aestivan View Post
    The fate of the three Silmarils would later be referenced by the Three Rings which Celebrimbor made for the Elves.

    As one Silmaril was set in the sky, one lost in the sea and one fallen into fiery fissure, Celebrimbor's Rings for the Elves were the rings of Fire (Narya), Water (Nenya) and Air (Vilya, "the mightiest of the Three").

    Vilya particularly seems to have enjoyed an affinity with its associated Silmaril, and with the skill of its maker. Weilding it, Galadriel is able to echo or reprise some of the feats of creation attributed to Feanor.

    Her mirror has the powers and functions of a palantir. The phial she gives Frodo holds the light of the Star of Earendil, that is of the Silmaril to which her own ring has an affinity, echoing Feanor's feat of capturing the Light of the Two Trees in the Silmarils initially.

    Minor correction - Elrond bears Vilya, the Ring of Air. Galadriel is the bearer of Nenya, the Ring of Water. Gandalf of course is the bearer of the Ring of Fire which was gifted to him by Cirdan, who had it gifted to him by Gil-Galad after his defeat.
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    Good luck with your personal roleplay Dwarendele. My kin also gets involved in roleplay in what-if situations just merely for the joy of it. Tolkien wrote so much and changed his mind so many times in getting stories to come together (or not) that it is fun to have little projects like these to while away the time.

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    Ive never been too sure about the timeline for the sinking of Beleriand, for a long time I thought it was the impact of Ancalaglon hitting the ground, and I have often heard it attributed to the force of the hosts of the Vanyar. Generally it was a well behaved cataclism and seemed to allow all the faithful men and elves to evacuate first before heaving a great sigh and sinking, so the place where Maglor threw his Silmaril into the ocean probably suffered additional subsidence after Beleriand sunk.
    Parts of Beleriand remained above the surface, Tol Morwen and from memorey the grave of Glorfindel above Gondolin (unsure on this point), so depending on the elevation above Gondolin, your fan fiction hero might be able to go diving there. Did the Rathloriel river from Thargelion survive to become part of Lindon?, the rivers west of Ered Luin bear some resemblance to the rivers of Beleriand, and the sunken treasure of Doriath lies at the bottom of that river. The great palantir of Osgiliath is sitting in the Anduin waiting for an enterprising dwarf who knows about caisons to set up a coffer dam to retrieve it if you reject the whole underwater adventuring scenario.

    If your heart is set on getting a Silmaril train a bird that likes shiny objects like a magpie or bower bird to fly up and pluck the Silmaril off Earendils brow as he flys overhead each night, Im sure that after 7000 years his guard might be down by now.
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    It's not exactly true that a Silmaril became Eärendil, since Eärendil is an elf, Elrond's father in fact. After the War of Wrath, the Valar ejected Morgoth from Arda (the world) so that he could no longer return physically on earth. Eärendil, having placed one of the Silmarils onto his forehead (set into a circlet I presume), uses his flying boat to patrol the upper skies, constantly vigilant lest Morgoth attempt to re-enter Arda. The "star" mentioned as being Eärendil is actually the light shining from the Silmaril on his forehead. This is the same light that was captured in the Phial of Galadriel, which makes its light older, purer and holier than that of the sun.


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