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    Hobbit Guardian - Club or Sword?

    Finally ready to craft a (level 85) second-age weapon, and now I don't whether to make a (one-hand) club or sword. It's mostly for solo or duo, occasional small fellowship. Had always figured the racial advantage of the club, together with the slow, made it the weapon of choice. But with parry now as the sword benefit, maybe it's the better choice. Any advice would be greatly appreciated (and yes, I imagine the differences are marginal, and for the content I play, maybe doesn't matter; but our little family kin does it like to test itself from time-to-time, and within our limitations, we like to try to do our best). Thanks!

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    I personally use a club because I've found that as you get into more difficult content, your issue becomes less survival and more holding aggro off of top tier dps. You could get into a debate about whether 1% more parry to hit Whirling Retaliation slightly more often will do more for you than 2% more damage to hold a tiny amount more aggro constantly, but I like building for certainties. It's the same issue with the change to crit defense, you can definitely see -54% crit mult as opposed to -28.8%, whereas -5% incoming crit vs. -14% incoming crit still leaves you the opportunity to take massive spike damage from chain crits, it's just less likely.
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    I switched to sword but that is mainly because Turbine elected not to put rank 10 SA clubs in the game.

    That being said up till now I haven't noticed any difference during playing (with such low percentages there should not be any difference anyhow) so I guess it all comes down to personal preference.
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