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    Grats Rank 10 Wixxy

    Grats on Rank 10 Wixxy! One of the bravest and nicest mini out here in Moors.
    I'm a human manifestation of all 7 Cardinal Sins.
    Giovy (Captain Main) /Giiovy (Mini Sub Main) - Last Stand of Olorin(PvP/PvE Kin) - Brandywine (Main)
    Giovy (Captain Main) /Zuheiry (LM Sub Main) - Exceptional(PvE T2c Raid Kin) - Nimrodel

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Aramidis View Post
    Grats on Rank 10 Wixxy! One of the bravest and nicest mini out here in Moors.
    and the most delicious hobbit , gratz WIxxy !!! awesome mini

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    Congrats Wixxy
    Volodic- Rank 14 Minstrel- The first and the last Warlord of Nimrodel
    Volobash- Rank 11 Blackarrow- Arkenstone, Nikitah's Bane
    Volosavenger- Rank 9 Stalker- Landroval, The white warg

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    Grats Wixxy!
    Cynfor Rank 12 Burglar - We Got This
    Narkhloket Rank 7 Warleader/Narkhburzakh Rank 8 Reaver/Narkhluk Rank 7 Warg - Face First
    Brandywine - Narkh Rank 11 Blackarrow & Wramble r7 Reaver/ Cynfail Rank 8 Warden
    I'm one of those scrubs who went to Brandywine and then came back.

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    Congrats Wixxy

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    Congrats! Hope the road to 11 goes well
    Sicoreth -r12 cappy Scarbarothe suicidal r8 ba
    The Fallen/Bad Kids

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    Grats Wixxy, still remember cute hobbit in the moors
    Ukitake! Off peak! [url]http://offpeak.webs.com/[/url]

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    Gratz wix ty for the times u healed

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    Nice one Wixxy, cya around maybe.
    [OOC] Faja: 'new expansion isnt even out yet, i've already failed at it'

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    “A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.” -???

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    Congrats wixxy! keep working
    R.I.P Esfiel(Rank13) (Promotion Rank 7) BA(rank8) Spider(rank8) Coq(rank9)

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    Grats Wixxy! You are always out there pushing even when its just you, a brave (psycho) little hobbit!
    Anat ~ Damspider, The Black Blade
    Teslafoil ~ Allure, WeGotThis

    "Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war"

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    Grats Wixxy!
    Carerun and Careran-85 Minis Bellswith-85 loremaster Gwilahthea-85 Hunter
    Camswith- 85 Runekeeper Marswith- 85 Champion Cinquefoil-85 Burglar



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