I am a returning player and I found my last Kinship is dead. There is a lot of stuff I do not know about this game these days but Im looking for a kinship thats mature, friendly, helps out when need and needs help from new members as well. My main is/was a 42 Warden that I look to get back into but I have been on my Burglar who is 34 as of this post.

Character name and race: Oscillo (hobbit, burg), Najica (man, warden)
Age: 28
Location: EST USA
Playstyle: Solo, group, PvE, RAIDs - casual, end-game, crafter (working on it)
MMO games I’ve played: EVE, WoW, DAoC, FFXI, FFIV, DCUO, Tera, (a long list of free mmo's + dead mmo's)

So I am looking to help out and get help when needed. In the market for that Kinship thats 'cool yet serious' lol but I wanna get back into LotRO and having a Kinship will help that out greatly.