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Thread: Hrivelinta!

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    In th' midst o' this busy season, here's another thing t' put on yer calendar!

    Second Breakfast is holdin its Second Annual Hrivelinta (That's "Winter Dance" in some Elvish language or other) this comin Sunday.
    We'll have some Storytellin, a Winter Costume Contest, try some Synchronized Dances, an there'll be plenty o' food an drink!

    Oh, an lots o' good music too, from th' Breakfast Club!

    Th' Particulars is as follows:

    What: Hrivelinta

    When: Sunday, Dec. 30th, at 2PM (Server Time)

    Where: Our Sister Kin, Bombadil's Khilaren, is openin its Kinhouse fer th' Event, at 8 Haven Way in th' Imlad Conath Neighborhood, Falathorn Homesteads.

    We know some folks will be out on th' roads or visitin family in other lands, but if yer in th' neighborhood, come celebrate th' Turnin o' th' Year with us!

    Happy Yule!
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    Um... Happy Hrivelinta everyone!!!

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    Hrivelinta is coming up tomorrow. Please come in our finest winter clothing--the winner of the costume contest will receive several rare and store/lottery exclusive cosmetic items. And be sure to learn some dances over the next couple of days so you'll be able to join in on the synchronised dancing action.

    That address again is 8 Haven Way in the Imlad Conrath neighbourhood of the elven homesteads, the kinhouse of Bombadil's Khilarim. I hope you'll join us tomorrow at 2pm EST (and don't forget about Elevenses at the Bird & Baby in Michel Delving, every Sunday at 11am and Monday at 11pm--and also Bread & Jam, Fridays at 8pm in the Prancing Pony).
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