Tactical Carnage would like to invite players of all levels to come and have some fun with us!

We are a social Kinship that enjoys all aspects of the game, including end game content.

We have our own Forums, Teamspeak 3 server, and DKP page (we use DKP on a very, very limited basis)

What you could expect from joining our Kinship is playing the game with a diverse group of players. We have a fairly large U.S. group, as well as a large European group. Our Kinship runs virtually 24 hours a day, with rarely less than a page of players online, and often up to 3 pages.

Our Teamspeak server is exclusive, and has multiple rooms for social use, raiding, or questing.

We run endgame raids multiple time a day, in different time zones, and sometimes do multiple 12 person raids at once. We firmly believe with starting our raids with a core that can beat the raid, then bringing newer kin members in the raid, then opening it up to the rest. We don't do raids without making it a point to give new players a chance to do endgame content and learn. We have many members who like to run mid level content, and officers who enjoy running those raids as well.

We welcome anyone to ask us for help, even if you are not interested in joining the kin. Just ask for a Tactical Carnage Officer in GLFF. And we will help you out. We also invite and welcome any other Kinships to share our endgame raid strategies. If you would like to see how we do a certain run, just ask for an Officer in GLFF, and we will be glad to invite you on a run with us, to share what we know. We really care about the Imladris community, and want to be helpful to our friends on the server in any way we can.

If you are interested in joining, you can fill out a very short "Online Application" here:


Just select "Online Application" at the top of the page. Or you can ask for a Tactical Carnage Officer in GLFF. We will be happy to help out any member of the Imladris community, in any way we can.