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    twitch steam lotro

    Its pretty hard to find lotro streams where people can hang out watch someone play and just chat about the game so I thought I would share this stream I fount on twitch.tv . He streams other games as well like starwars and a few other random games but streams a fairly good amount of lotro as well. If anyone wants to check it out go to http://www.twitch.tv/hierophantmg

    - he usually starts streaming between 8 and 11 pm eastern time and streams all night, so if your interested just follow his stream and I'll see you there

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    Hey thanks for this..you can pick up alot by watching other players and how they go about business.
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    He's streaming lotro right now if anyone's interested in watching or just hanging in the chat.

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    Just combing through streaming forums and found this one.

    I stream daily between the hours of 9pm-2am EST.

    Come hang out!


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    So is anyone else streaming nowadays?

    I always see youtube videos put up, but is anyone doing a weekly twitch, or planning on it?

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    Post Some Regular LotRO Streamers

    I've done a bit of streaming (Twitch link in sig), and hope to get into regular streams come 2015. A lot of that depends on real-life, though...

    Another fairly regular streamer is FAZZAMJF, streaming from Sweden; I'll hop in and hang in chat every now and again. Arathaert just did a chicken run stream and has plans to do some regular streaming; he also hosts a lot of LotRO streamers.

    Also keep an eye on the LOTRO Streamers team on Twitch; Frelorn has been trying to set up a "dedicated" (for lack of better word) list of regular LotRO streamers. This is itself still a work in progress, but should be interesting to watch unfold.
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