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    Quote Originally Posted by BrittainTheCommie View Post
    I know I'm dying from influenza but I'm pretty sure this can go into the illiteracy hall of fame.
    now is time to explain that original post of mine for you... 9line was acting like an idiot on his reaver at chat bit ago in game. that made him sound like a troll of future whit that post. and yes some people on both creep and freep side seem to be that way that i'm now max lvl 1-5 hits should be enough to kill, but that's not happening and they start to whine if not getting enough kills or dying so other side must be op. what comes for your post... basically i should have just ignored and not to reply on it,but i was being stupid and replied on it because it's threat if you still don't have idea you actually made one. even if it's joke or sarcasm it shows no taste at all. adding me in to the illiteracy hall of fame by you isn't actually chancing that fact neither.in fact it just shows fact that you weren't capable to answer for that questioning your(once more) threat so you had to figure out something else which was making me unable to read. lame.that's all i have to add about it anymore and if you even bother answering on this i just ignore it. oh and btw just keeping topic welcome back again on moors nymp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Froza View Post
    why would i regret? and if you mean you take me more on target me more ingame while fightning on moors it's not possible for you since each time attacking on 1 freep there is atleast 2 coming help normally even if you could solo my really squishy warg,rarely not. if you want to know your pointless answer caused me to make me this answer: seems like making you to create pointless threat means i made answer you never wanted to see so it hitted spot somehow. if you really want to make me regret it would something that you aren't able to do. i just wanted to stop looking post of pure idiotic act on forums or atleast to be entertaining. if you have something against it you just prove yourself wanting to see those more or make more. and time in week? so you plan to start something during that or it takes that long to give good reply? if you wonder why this is edited i didn't have time to write this whole thing at once, had to do something irl.
    Im pretty sure i speak fluent Du$$ a## and im even saying &&&?!!!

    Truly yours lugpoop

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    I could care less

    I could care less about whose OP and whose not, im just glad all you new noobs are out for me to kill, this has been a blast. And i even die sometimes to keep your freep blood satisfied. (mostly by a group of 3 or more however).

    Truly yours lugpoop, murderer of brittain

    P.S. wtb more fragged.


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