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    Lore Spotlight Fansite Idea

    (Note: this is a re-post from General Discussion, someone pointed out it might do better here and I agree)

    Hey all,

    Recently I was engaged in a discussion in the glff channel on my server involving Tolkien lore not found in the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings (so in books like the Silmarilion, Lays of Beleriand, etc.) Some players expressed that they felt at a disadvantage because they hadn't read those materials, and it got me thinking.

    Would you read a weekly or bi-weekly blog highlighting an area or character in the game and providing an in-depth discussion of them from Tolkien's works? For instance, a post on Galadriel might focus on some of the non Lord of the Rings material on her (such as her desire to return to Middle-Earth in the Silmarilion).

    I'm thinking about starting a project like this, so I was wondering if anyone had input or general interest.

    Thank you!

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    I'd certainly put the feed in my rss reader.

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    I would be interested in reading something like this. There always seems to be something more to learn and this could bring up some good discussions as well.

    I would enjoy reading this and I hope you work on this project. The thing that got me to finally read the Silmarillion was actually reading about characters and events on wikipedia. After finding some relations from The LOTR/Hobbit I became very interested. I still find it really cool every time I learn something new and find it most enjoyable learning about something that was done in the 1st age by someone who is in the LOTR books.

    Please do this!
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