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    If you are new to LOTRO, and joined Elendilmir...

    Hey, if you are new to LOTRO like I am, and have parked it on Elendilmir, please add me (in game I'm Lilyfield) and we can level together or just meet up for group quests. I'm level 15 as of Dec. 21st but willing to wait up or catch up to fit your level. If you're leveling an alt, that's cool too but I don't feel like power leveling. I actually read the quest lines and stuff. Anyway, send me a message or a mail in-game. Thanks!

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    I'm in the same boat. I'm currently in Bree and hanging around Shire as well.

    If I see you in game I'll say hi and if you need any help with quests let me know.

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    After the break, definitely! I'm a quest reader too...
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    Hi Lilyfield, I'm new too.

    I just got my Guardian to level 16 this morning, so if you are around this level and don't mind getting the quests and deeds done add Littlerock in-game and we can do it together, it's a lot more funner with another person that's for sure!



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