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    Learning the Blackarrow!

    Made a video to help low ranked blackarrows and maybe some veterans to see the BA class a little differently. This is in no way the "right" way to play the BA. It is however the way that I enjoy most playing my BA. If you learned one thing new about the BA from this video then I did my job. Leave a comment if ya did


    I know its a bit lengthy but I could talk about this class for days . If you are looking to get better at the BA you should definitely give this a chance and also I'd like to hear from the veteran BAS if you thought this was some good info.
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    Love the concept! Will definitely give it a try over next couple of days & will get back to ya on how successful I find it, awesome vid too, +rep!
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    Hey thanks for explaining the Penetrating Arrows trait, will try it out soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tharvendall View Post
    Hey thanks for explaining the Penetrating Arrows trait, will try it out soon!
    Well...its bugged tho. half of the skill wont work as they should be when you equip it

    Nice vid to the OP

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