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    Weavers pet Scyote problem

    Hi, i want to know for other weaver if they are getting same problem.
    I just put a hotkey Alt+1 to my pet scyote poison attack and when i start a fight i press alt+1 and the scyote skill does not work.
    I just got what is the problem, i need to stay close of my pet and the target (about 10m~15m) to skill respond but not so close because if pet is too much close of target skill does not work too.
    The skill say 20m range but i made a few tests and its not 20m for sure.
    Auto-atack works fine, just have a problem with poison skill
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    I actually noticed something strange not just with the ranged Weaver pet, but also the Captain pet. Seems that when I move at a certain range away from the pet, the skills get locked. I hover my cursor over the skills to see the tooltips, and they are all locked. It's as if they didn't 'learn' them yet, just like LM pets as they level up. I have to resummon in order to see the skill tooltip, but of course I have to watch my distance as I walk around. Not to mention, the ranged Weaver pet instigated the 1shots at a rez circle to turn on me, even though they were supposed to be 'friendly'. Had to restart LOTRO to stop the cycle of death to rez circle to death, etc.

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