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    !!! New Men of Bree !!!

    Hi my name is Rabamir Thane of Hytbold and is the current leader of Men of Bree - calling all members who have been disheartened by past indiscretions etc as I am trying to build up the kin again. At rank 10 with a kinhouse is a start but we have to build up rep etc to get Men of Bree up and running again doing raiding, crafting, events, vids of events to get the fun running again in Bree to overshoot the demise of the Witchking dominance and Saramen's traitorous acts against the good of the land - we need the high lvl chars as we had before so we can help the newbie's and get started on the raiding element and kill orcs, trolls, raid Goblin Town etc - I want to try out section leaders for the separate factions within the kin so ideas and opportunites will all be taken on board and discussed with active council members so when members come online they will know and participate in activities for the good of the kin - if you are in a kin and want to participate then just contact me either in-game or by my email greyrwb@hotmail.co.uk also check out our site at http://men-of-bree.guildlaunch.com/.

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    If you need help with rebuilding Men of Bree, just ask me. The Northern Kingdom would be glad to help you get back out there.

    You can contact me in-game on Kaelalas.

    Goodluck, and I hope the new management works out for you

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    kin association

    Hi - tks for replying and yes help would be appreciated as there is a added feature in our website which is guild association so other sites can link with us so making raiding more easier to set up and attract back a lot of ex-members who left for raiding kins.
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