The Mithril Knights is recruiting again!

Who are we?
The Mithril Knights is an established kinship on Firefoot for nearly 6 years. We endorse a casual, no pressure gaming environment and have members with very different play-styles ranging from active PvMP to just solo-crafting. At the same time, some of our long time casual-turned-veteran players have been able to complete the toughest raids in LOTRO on level.

Are you the right fit?
Currently we are seeking mature members who envision themselves to be part of our raiding team some day. If you enjoy group content and willing to prepare yourself for the toughest challenges on Middle Earth, then Mithril Knights is for you. We believe that everyone deserve the opportunity to experience all parts of the game. Our kinship will give you with the proper training in daily instances and raids provided you show some autonomy working on your traits, gears and legendary weapons.

Minimum requirement:
We want our new members to fit in with our mature members, so we are currently enforcing an age policy of 21 and over. In addition, in order to facilitate team work in group activities, we expect members to have voice communication (Ventrilo) available.

If you are interested, have a chat with any of our Officers or "Thonalin". (Type "/who thon" in game chat to find him on one of his many alts) or fill out an application at

See you in game!