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    Question LOTRO Developer Twitter Chat - Thursday December 20, 3:00PM Eastern

    Come chat with members of the LOTRO Team!

    When: Thursday December 20, 2012 at 3:00PM Eastern time.
    Where: http://www.twitter.com/lotro

    Members of the LOTRO team will be answering your questions live on twitter at 3:00PM Eastern time. To ask a question just tweet it to us @lotro and be sure to include the hashtags #LOTRO and #DEVCHAT. Please remember to keep your questions short, as we’ll be re-tweeting your questions along with the answers.

    The following members of the LOTRO Team will be answering your questions.
    • Senior Producer Aaron “Rowan” Campbell
    • Lead Systems Designer Matt “HorseDev” Zimmitti
    • World Designer Matt “Scarycrow” Fahey
    • Senior Content Designer Lauren “Budgeford” Salk
    • Senior Content designer Joe “JWBarry” Barry
    • LOTRO Community Manager Rick “Sapience” Heaton

    Can't make the chat but what to ask a question? Post your questions here and we'll select a few to answer as well. Please remember to keep your question brief and easy to tweet.
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    Just want to say - I love the entire Moria revamp! Will there be more revamps of previous zones, say, the Trollshaws or Misties?
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    Here are 3 questions:

    For Rowan: Why the kinship system is not expanded with ideas from the Famous Suggestions forums thread?
    Probably the most supported thread ever. The link to the thread here: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?385713

    For Scarycrow: Are we expecting a revamp of Rivendell at some point?
    Same as Bree, for example.

    For JWBarry: Are you going to create more massive enemies raids instead of packed rooms?
    More raids like helegrod or Barad Guldur, instead of OD or ToO. a raid of 12 players against 100 enemies at the same time instead of 4-5 overpowered enemies.
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    I have a question too: When are we having any group instance in which we'll have to make use of the mounted combat?

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    I may or may not be able to be there, but I'ma ask here anyways.

    Any info on a possible character models revamp? (Yes I am going to bring this up whenever I get the chance :P )

    With the recent BREEvamp being generally well-received, any chance of Scarycrow working his magic for other hubs(Rivendell)?
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    here is my question: some time ago, after or around RoR launch, an interview was held with a couple of devs in which they seemed to indicate Western Rohan would be part of a future expansion rather than in a content update, is this true?
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    3 Questions:

    1. Do you currently have plans to scale the Rift raid within the next 6 months?

    2. Do you have plans to introduce a skirmish or instance that utilizes mounted combat within the next 6 months?

    3. Could you please tell us when you will be announcing the next paid expansion?

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    I love the Bree revamp!! What criteria are you using to determine which parts of the game to rework?

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    Thumbs up New hair and facial

    Are u gonna work on new Hair and Facial styles ?

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    Twitter sized questions, eh? I'll give a shot at short:

    What will you scale next?

    Will mounted combat continue past Rohan?

    What about a kickstarter-type thing for housing updates?

    Chances of breaking BG into 3 like Helegrod?

    Why is instance loot getting more predictable and festival/"fun" loot getting more random?

    What causes the war steed "rewind" style of lag (technically)? It's so weird.

    Scalable instance loot has always been low quality. What targets do you have for people running them? (e.g. 20% scalable, 80% newest)

    What new areas are coming in 2013?

    I've already got too many here - I should stop! Sadly, I'll miss the live conversation, but I'll look forward to reading it all later.

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    -Are we going to see a revamp of the Shire in the future?
    -Will we ever gain access to Southfarthing?
    -When is the next Producer's Letter coming out?


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    approx date/update number on when the new season in the moors starts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    Can't make the chat but what to ask a question? Post your questions here and we'll select a few to answer as well. Please remember to keep your question brief and easy to tweet.

    A few question for you:

    1) Are we going to scale Rift/CD anytime in the near future?
    2) Can we give a little more love to champs (especially morale)? I feel dirty having LMs/RKs/Hunters all having close to the same morale as my champ. :P
    3) Can we add more stuff to spend comms on? Such as things for enhancing LI's (empowerment scrolls, etc.).
    4) Can we make the moors jewelry worth having again? With all the rank gating you have at your disposal I have a hard time believing you cannot give raid quality gear at the higher ranks for freeps.
    5) Is there a plan to add second age class items to the moors?
    6) Is there a plan to add first age items to the moors?
    7) Are there any plans for a new pvmp area?
    8) What would be the ETA for the rest of Rohan?

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    1. Will you fix bugs that already exist in the game before turning out more bugged content?
    2. ETA on Lag fix?
    3. What are the chances of increasing the difficulty of the general game? It's became almost too easy these days.
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    what is currently being done to improve the Hunter class?


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    1) How on earth can content be held back to be "polished" and "bug tested" and then within 30 hours of being on live, disabled because it is utterly broken?

    2) Why, once again, is the scaled damage of T2 so much ridiculously higher than on T1. (A T1 dot is about 900 damage the same dot on T2 I have seen for 3000) - Please remember than on BR everyone has 85 second agers t9 relics and just about the best lvl85 gear, THIS IS NOT THE CASE ON LIVE.

    3) Why can't you access the last boss (after Gorothul) on SG T1?

    4) Why on any level 85 instance do you think a suitable reward from a chest is 26800 ixp rune and a t3 relic? Anyone can farm Stoneheight or North cotton a lot faster and easier for a boatload more ixp and relics. (Yes grabbing a couple of kinnies and face rolling HoC will give a far better return too)

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    oh, i nearly forgot....


    I was Bhorn, bhorn to be wild... dum-de-dum-de-dum.

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    I'll give it a go too, just for laughs (as if this question would ever be answered )

    When are you going to fix the lag and improve on general game performance?
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    Will there be any new areas like Great River was in 2013?

    What region will be next to be revamped like moria?

    Do you have any plans to upgrade other hubs like you did to bree?

    What will be the next set of instances to be scaled?

    When will you add warsteed cosmetics for our older horses we have obtained like the meta deeds and reputation?

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    Many people are experiencing severe performance issues, especially in PvMP, when can we expect a fix?

    If character models are revamped will this include creep character models?

    Can monster players please have a shared storage option?

    When will you make new creep appearances available in the store?
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    my silly question (because of serverdowntime )

    ( A Lego Lotro Scarycrow Breedition Steven King style)

    Figuratively speaking: If Scarycrow plays/builds sth. with Lego, how would you guys participate?
    (regarding your job description

    Edit: I'm always wondering who does what, when and how at turbine.
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    -Can you add Hobbit zones? I know you said never,but why?
    My idea for this: Every year you will add a new expansion (need pay for it) with LotR story, and 1-2 new free update (for VIPS) with Hobbit story and zones.

    -Will you work again with Chance Thomas?

    -Would you revamp more zones? Can we see some revamped maps too? (new Thorin gate map or Bree map etc)

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    1. Are there plans to revamp Angmar or another zone to transistion the levelling pace to be a bit smoother so you can get to the cap better? Are other zones going to be revamped?

    2. How do you feel mounted combat has been received?

    3. Are there any plans to revamp 'game systems' such as kinship, housing and hobbies?

    4. What were your thoughts on releasing the Rohan cluster into two separate releases.

    5. Any chance for more WarSteed cosmetics that wont be put into the store? From the skirmish vendor for example or drops off bosses?
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    Can we have one of the Updates between expansions look at reworking systems that are showing their age as (Particularly Kinships/housing) as one of (if not *THE*) signature features of that update.
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    ETA on west Rohan?
    Will we see any new Rohan themed instances before next expansion?
    Any plans to give us a decent fellowing tool? (easy fellowing panel revamp)
    Any plans on making ALL scaled content worth running?
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