****Ho ho ho!Santa Clause is coming to town, Saturday December 22nd, 2012, from 1:00 PM EST until 2:30 PM EST, Santa Clause will be up at the Prancing Pony, giving out gifts! Come get your photo taken with him!****

****Bree-Town Brawlers, hosted by Glorgnorbor and Patriotpea, takes place every Saturday from 7:30 PM EST until 12:30 AM EST(-5 GMT). Come on down to the Bree West Gate Resurrection area for some serious spar-mania!!!****

****Friday, December 21st, 2012, The Lord of The Strings is performing at 4:15 PM EST(-5 GMT). THIS IS OUR HOLIDAY CONCERT! Come on down for your favorite holiday tunes!****

****In case you guys haven't noticed, Stocky has posted his "Secret Santa, 2012" sign-up on the forums! Be sure to check it out, sign-up, and make a special someone happy with a gift, from you! (Make sure it is appropriate for the person's level, craft, class, etc.)****

Make sure to stay tuned to the forums for pictures of these events!
~Yours in truth, confidence, and support,
Glorgnorbor, Captain.