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Thread: Safe Areas...

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    Safe Areas...

    Alright. Yesterday, I was able to stand outside of Caras Galahndron, or however you spell it, without a problem.

    Today, since the last update, I keep getting attacked right beside the horse and in other various safe spots, like the camps in Lothlorien. Is this an intentional part of the update or is it an accident? If it's an accident, please fix it, I'm use to safe places. Being able to heal next to a camp fire, etc. If this is intentional, why would you make this game twice as difficult as it already was?!

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    I fail to believe that everyone here is just going to allow everything to suddenly start going south on this game that we all love, cherish and pay for.

    I know that I am not the only one who has notice that you have to give creatures twice as much space as you use to get around them without aggroing them, and that is extremely frustrating when you get done fighting three or four things higher in level than you and are trying to get back to a safe spot to heal... OH! Woops! No more safe spots. Creatures just wander into camps now that use to be safe. Hrm. Bug!

    How about when you play a warden and you try to ambush, and you're too far away, so you take a step forward and try again, but you are still too far away, so you take another step forward and the critter you are trying to ambush is now agroed and you never got to use your ambush...?! BUG!

    I forgot... Why is it that these creatures can walk back and forther three and four times in one area and never notice me. I don't move, don't do anything. Why does he miraculously notice me just as I am about to go for the loot for the quest?

    And finally, an extremely old curiosity of mine... Where are there invisible wargs in the movies or the books?! I don't remember reading about Frodo getting killed because a Warg which was inivisible got the drop on him.
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