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    Exclamation [SOLUTION] Revamped Bree - Graphics Issues

    Update 9 brings a revamp of Bree which adds a lot of activity, textures to buildings, effects etc. Generally these are nice changes. There is one specific to the Mac.

    Issue: Building textures/ lighting can glitch with colour casts (blue and dark brown), sometimes being able to see right through buildings! Buildings being very dark (brown). This will be noticeable particularly with higher graphics settings. This occurs as you move the camera or travel around Bree and surroundings.

    Workaround: In Options > Adv Graphics > Lighting > Specular Lighting = OFF


    Issue: Building textures glitch with ugly patterns; building surfaces flicker light/dark when moving the camera or travelling. Certain shrub plants appear bright yellow in the landscape and flick on/off as you travel (this also happens before Update 9 on live)

    Workaround: In Options > Adv Graphics > Lighting > High Quality Lighting = OFF

    You may need to switch off just SP or both. HQL is a nice feature for higher end graphics in the landscape generally so it is a shame not to have it ON. But if the flickering and bright plant in landscape is an issue for you switch it off. In Bree you will probably have to but perhaps switch it back if not there.

    Both these issues were posted to the Bullroarer Bree thread and Scarycrow did note it, saying that a fixe would not be in place probably with the next Update (~ end January 2013). At least he acknowledged the issue and did try to get some action on it.

    One other note from the beta and in live, is that the new revamp of Bree/Archet looks great generally but it does demand more from your graphics and will reduce FPS in Bree or Archet. You may need to lower your graphics settings if the FPS drops too much there. Elsewhere outside Rohan (maybe also Frostbluff housing) it should be the same as before.

    I have not been able to check Archet revamp as it is pre-burning stage for new characters. If you experience graphics issues follow the above workarounds.

    From Bullroarer beta I did test other areas such as Rohan and found no similar issues with both these effects working as intended (in fact graphics generally really great there) Also tested the new buildings in Frostbluff which also seemed fine.

    If you have these issues and the workaround do not work then post here.

    It is important if you do experience these issues to Submit A Bug Report

    Make sure to select Mac as the operating system and give as much detail as possible, including system setup (ou can get details by clicking the Apple symbol top left of screen > About This Mac > More info and copy/paste details); OS X version; description of bug and detail including /loc location. Also attach a screenshot or system report (found at More info…, see above) if relevant. Then Turbine are aware of the issue and can help fix it.
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