Mae g'ovannen! Mutiny Rising, a predominately end-game raiding kin is recruiting players prepared for a challenge. We're mainly a European group but have a few North Americans, so skraids / raids typically take place around 3 pm EST daily, with a few around 8-9 EST. We're pretty laid back, and as was mentioned earlier, are focused mainly on skraiding, raids, instances, as well as crafting, chatting and enjoying our time in Middle Earth.

We are currently a lifespan 7 kin with a kinhouse in the Falathlorn Homesteads, and maintain a kin website, Facebook group, and our own RaidCall channel. We do have a definite core group of very active players and some who only pop on occasionally, and we welcome everyone with open arms!

We are currently seeking all classes but are desperately seeking Loremasters and Tanks! Our few top level LM's/Guards/Wards are getting tired and would like to take care of their other classes!

If you're interested in more or would like an entry interview (we have a select few questions we ask to each joining our ranks, as a "Get to know you" starter!), contact our recruiting officers in-game through PST or mail! We anxiously await your application!

PST Gamlena, Gam, Gwirithiel, Fawink, Lydeth, Envoi, or Delay for interview