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    Looking to relocate

    Come January, I am planning to move most (if not all) of my level 1 characters -- there's only 4 -- to another server until it's time for them to return to the Mother Server. However, this is where things get sticky, I plan to relocate my awesome soldiers to a populated server with (generally) nice people and the occasional 'troll' (what can I say? I'm a guy who likes his humor). So, I'm wondering if Dwarrowdelf is that magic server. If not, try and send me in the right direction... but, I'll allow you to send me to my doom too -- or not (haha)! I AM a GLFF person... I'm always attached to GLFF with my characters whether I be on Firefoot or Nimrodel ... so if it isn't alive already it will be when I get there =)

    Also, feel free to advertise your Kin on my thread. I'm always looking for a Kin. I don't care if it's large or small. The larger it is, the more help. The smaller it is, the closer we become. As far as the general nature of the Kin, friendly does but I don't mind the odd instigator. In Nimrodel, most of my characters are in a 'crafting' Kin so if you're not a 'crafting' Kin please don't try to compete. I could care less =)

    P.S. I will be leveling one or two of my characters for the month of January

    Keep it real, Maxwise

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    Well im personally from firefoot, maybe youve seen me but a lot of people say that E is a big server and its generally nice from what ive seen

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    To the OP, Dwarro is probably not the server for you.. In my honest opinion its dwindling down pretty quickly. I mean if your wanting a decently active server and your not into pvp or anything, maybe this server is for you. But there are a whole lot of trolls, too many. and not much competition as for as pve content. Just my humble opinion.

    Proud member of Ainur, Best kin on Dwarro always.



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