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    How do I get the skill to use a bow and staff?

    As a champion, when can i use a staff and bow?

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    Bow is level 20, I think. My champ is 26 and she has a bow now. I don't think champs ever get to use a staff, but as she's just level 26, I don't know. Lore Masters get to use staves and swords once they earn the legendary skill.

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    Bow usage can be trained at level 18 on the PASSIVE tab of any trainer EXCEPT the one in Archet. Champion cannot ever wield staves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirenNenharma View Post
    As a champion, when can i use a staff and bow?
    Bow should be 20 and staff is never.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilkens View Post
    Bow should be 20 and staff is never.
    Bow is actually 18. One of my low level champs double-checked this at the trainer.

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    I'd love to see champs running around with a stave. Especially if there was a purple eye mask cosmetic and maybe a Peerless Turtle Shell cosmetic back-shield Pizza time anyone?
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