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Thread: peace

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    well been debating this for a good while, and just wanted to say good bye to all the players ive met and had fun with in the past several years i played lotro for.

    been great hanging with yall and pce out.

    crygin-R11 Warleader, dwarrowdelf

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    bye Crygin x( I'm going to miss watching you own everything you ran into x(
    Chieftain Rayzr of Dwarrowdelf (Reaver)
    Footman Sakeri of Dwarrowdelf (Captain)

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    Lol, You can blame me for this Got him addicted to something else hehe
    "Long, Thick and Sharp, From the shadows, I'll stick you from behind, deep and bloody, Mmmm the joy of pleasure..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainsLegacy View Post
    Lol, You can blame me for this Got him addicted to something else hehe
    Rift eh? You sly &&&&&&&....
    [Jonp - Rank 11 Hunter] [Garaluk - Rank 9 Reaver]

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    its been a pleasure to play by you one of the best thank you

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    I just want to echo what gatar said. Your attitude and skill were always a very positive addition to creepside. It was always fun to see what you were up to and group together. It seemed like when we had a good group together say with turtles, burg, shap's ba, bbat, and garo, we would get wiped here and there, but once you joined the group... we were pretty much unstoppable. Thanks for fun times, and hope to see you around.
    "Videogames take no skill, if they did, no one would play" - a player on creepside DD

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    Take care cry, been a pleasure playing with you creepside and freepside with and against you. Gonna miss you bud, and who knows... maybe ill join you over there.

    Proud member of Ainur, Best kin on Dwarro always.

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    Out of all the older warleaders than me i have always respected your skill at the class, I looked up to you, Raghul, Omw, Likeaninja, Prestige the veteran warleaders of when I first started, good luck in all your future endeavors. Greatest veteran of all dwarrowdelf in my book, l8r crygin great to have played with and against you
    Shapcidrat SoM-RoR

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    Crygin! :O you will be missed thats for sure. Will never forget how when a fraid was camping grams, all it took was you to come online for us to push them back to lugz! You made my feeding 3 times easier and yet 3 times harder if on ur froob -__-
    Good luck on your new adventures, i dont blame you for trying out something new. Have fun!

    Maybe one day you will SPvP along side my asura Master Yodaboltz? :O (sycarius, no qq)

    Less than three~ Thunderboltz Thunderrootz Thunderclawz Thundercloudz, The Elite.

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    CT, USA

    Crygin and Dwarrowdelf

    Its been a long time since I first saw you low-ranked out in the Moors back when the level cap was 65. I remember how much of a big deal it was when you hit rank 7- which made you the highest ranked Warleader on the server.
    Much has changed since those days, people have gone, new people have joined, but you seemed to be always there through it all.
    Your skill had increased tremendously over your stay on Dwarrowdelf and I have no doubt you will forever be remembered as the best Warleader in Dwarrowdelf history. At least you will be in my book, but I am sure I'm not the only one.

    Good bye Crygin, hope life treats you well

    First Marshal Aenise - Level 115 Burglar
    Member of Situational Awareness http://situational-awareness.net/
    Check out my PvMP videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZV...fuVom6u7V9nDtw

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    Aww still remember the time when you and Lavsnack made my hunter rage quit...lol
    Have fun on your new game, but I hope and I'm sure you will be back

    Keorl of Arkenstone - 115 Captain Rank 10
    Erkenvald of Arkenstone - 100 Hunter Rank 3
    Salvar of Arkenstone - 65 Guardian Rank 2

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    Goodbye and good luck Crygin. Maybe I'll even see you in that new game.
    {Bbatburz, Ssuperburz, Ssupermann}
    What audacity does to new players who come to the Moors: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezg4sr67OGA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gutzag22 View Post
    Take care cry, been a pleasure playing with you creepside and freepside with and against you. Gonna miss you bud, and who knows... maybe ill join you over there.
    Uhhh, pretty sure you'll be joining us. And Crygin too. I hereby decree it. Make it so.

    Last edited by Jacbo; Dec 16 2012 at 10:35 PM.
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    Sad to see you quit for good tbh I liked you and I don't like people on lotro in general . Anyhoot I hope w/e your doing blows lotro out of the water , consuming to real life or anything else . Considering your not about the Ego seems what people are trying to put on you , you came out and did what you had to . Never worried about what rank or if the best . Seems to be people need your attitude in moors . Sadly regardless I don't play on dwarro besides maybe bored nights 1 hr or more , but you did always invite me to group before/ and after I xfered . Good luck in w/e your doing and I wish you the best and if you read this please send me a message wouldn't mind knowing you irl , Aka my real facebook not Toxos ;p
    ( R13 LM Savvii Arkenstone )( R13 Defiler Ghankstar Landroval )

    Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light - Bruce Lee

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    Oh man, another heavy loss for DD . A lot of creep run away from fights, but you run AT them, you didn't play scared, nor dumb either. You were always a formidable opponent from freepside, and a solid ally on creepside. I still laugh a bit when I remember when you corpse-jumped a freep in front of EC until you died from like, a raid of freep sitting in EC plucking away at you rofl. Merthin I think still cries from laughter at that memory. Or the time about, what 3 summers ago now (!?), when we were both low-rank creep (Doomsidoo and Crygin) with garbage dps and chased a captain and champ across the map from OC haha ;D (though you continued on creepside, I abandoned you :c).

    Take care with whatever you do, always respected you.

    And with you and several other high caliber players gone...
    Insert random noobie in picture below:



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