We are a small kinship and want to grow. We only ask these things of you if you want to be a part of our Kin. You must be able to voice chat either in fellow or Skype. I am sorry but we will not accept FTP the reason is we are here to stay and FTP people seem to be fly bys. You must be mature. Eighteen or over. The reason for that is some of us cuss over chat. You must be honest as our houses are open to kin members when you become kinsman. In those houses we keep Scrolls for members ,moral potions ,power potions ,hope tokens, 48 quest items, reputation items,Food and crafting materials. We also have not only a kin house but two other houses in same nieghborhood so plenty of room to keep the kin stocked for their needs. We have one chest just for dyes. We help our members with any and all tasks be it questing or gathering crafting materials.Please if you wish to join our kin ask in GLFF if a kin member is on or send an in game mail to Sonseea I will put your name in my friends list and keep an eye out for you. Any level will do so long as you mean to stay with us. We really will help you along. I am on at all hours day and night.