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    attempt 1-20/20 logging in Crickhollow

    Attempt 1-20/20 logging in Crickhollow and black error screen comes with login failed or smth..

    I re-installed the game w/ HighRes as before, but it always ends up to the 20 attempts to find my server (Crickhollow)

    What can I do to get the launching through?

    * active account since 2011
    * my pc is more than well equipped in every way, also disc space

    *Not a single one problem since installation and updates/maintenances at scheduled times; all succesful until it starts counting from 1 to 20

    I read posts that were about the same topic but didn´t understand much.. is there a patch etc. to fix this?
    Thank You!

    Williepot, Life Singer, Lord of "The Hollow Kings"
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    I have had similar problems with logging in. Can't say about your hardware, but over here the router was the problem. I have a new one for 3 weeks now and no more problems logging in.

    If you don't want to buy a new router, you can try to edit some router settings to try if that helps:

    • Go to your router settings and open your NAT (Network Adress Translation, also called UPnP - Universal Plug and Play, google it if you want to learn more about what it actually is)
      • Open the ports necessary for this game: Go to your control panel and click System and security, then select Windows Firewall.
      • Under Advanced settings (left bar), choose Outbound* rules. Then click New rule in the right sidebar, a new window will appear.
      • Select Port and click next, then choose TCP or UDP (see below) and make sure that the new rule will apply for specific, local ports. Enter the ports you want to open in the box and hit Next.
      • If the option "Allow conncection" is selected, hit next again.
      • Hit next once more and give the new rule a name to finish.
      • Repeat if you need to open multiple ports.

      Ports that should be opened out-bound:
      Port 80 (TCP)
      Ports 9000 - 9010 (UDP)
      Ports 2900 - 2910 (UDP)
    • Also make sure that the files launcher.exe and lotroclient.exe are in your firewall exceptions list. Both files need full permission in the firewall to access the game.
    [*]: I am pretty sure it's not inbound but not 100%... Sorry if I'm wrong, you can always ask 2nd opinions or google it. I got all of this from google too.

    Hope this helps... I know how frustrating it can be if you can't enter the game.

    - Thornelas
    Fordil of Landroval, Minstrel officer of The Alliance

    Check out my Guide for New Players: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?507561-GUIDE-New-to-LOTRO-hints-and-tips



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