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    Noble Mark + Mounted Combat bug

    Using Noble Mark on an enemy and then mounting your war-steed can bug you out really bad. I tried it today on Bugud and I found that all of my skills were greyed out and I could not dismount. I thought relogging would fix this but it only made it worse. Nothing happened when the logout timer ended so I logged out again using the Exit Now button, but this got me stuck at the character selection screen where it tried to finish logging out for five minutes. Restarting the client didn't help either, now I'm stuck at "Cleaning Up Old Connection" when I try to load in. Looking back I guess I should have just run into some mobs and let them kill me.

    Any advice on how to fix this?

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    And IDOME is still not applying while on horseback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armitas View Post
    And IDOME is still not applying while on horseback.
    It's probably not meant to, as other classes' stances and toggle skills don't work either.

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    Well as it is now it is as useless as the planted morale banner in the moors while on horseback, (in regards to the morale portion of IDOME)

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    Sounds like you found a way to proc the 'WL bug' in pve. Toggle skills on the cappy combined with toggle skills or group skills from other classes are usually the culprit. This would be the first time I've heard of it happening in PVE.
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    why would you want to put noble mark on any mob while mounted combat?...When was the last time anyone pulled aggro off a cappy in mounted combat? I could see maybe telling mark so you could solo bugud in 5 mins instead of 5:30 but as far as i have seen, no one ever pulls aggro off a cappy.



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