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Thread: Shards

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    Where do I find ruby shards?

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    check the various vendors in the skirmish camps. should be able to barter for skirmish marks.

    you can find monsters out in the world that drop them as loot. commonly referred to as "shard droppers." hunting them has now become impracticle compared to bartering them.

    ps- i just remembered there are also a few quests that give shards... not sure if ruby... there is a lake in NE Bree that has some repeatable (up to 3 times) bounty quests that give shards. there is another batch in southern Lone Lands, in the swamp. one of those groups of bounty quests has the shards you need.

    sorry, this is all from memory.
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    The barter info says Adamant Shart but is supposed to be Ruby Shard.

    This also might help

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    Where to find Ruby Shards

    In addition to Auction House...

    You can use Marks to purchase Ruby Shards from the Crafting Vendor in the Skirmish Camp.

    For random drops, see the Ruby Shard page of the Lotro Wiki: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Item:Ruby_Shard



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